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BodyComm Kinesiology helps you to reconnect with your personal power and release stress and old emotional baggage so you can focus your attention and energy on living a happy, healthy, balanced life. It does this by providing high quality products and services - kinesiology, reiki and OH Cards - designed to facilitate greater awareness, natural healing and personal growth. All this to help you live your full potential in all areas of life - health, relationships, work, school and sport, just to name a few.

Perhaps you suffer from debilitating depression or anxiety and would like to feel safe, find peace and enjoy life. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and wish to regain hope, adopt a more positive attitude, increase your energy and improve your quality of life. Perhaps your body is riddled with severe or chronic pain and you dream of feeling comfortable in your own skin and being able to move with ease.

Is there a goal you want to achieve? - to sleep well, have a clear head, have a baby, have more energy, change your career, start a relationship, pass your exams, have a healthy digestive system, have a stronger immune system, be more confident, more sure of yourself...

Maybe there's no "big issue" but you have an annoying "niggle" that you'd like to be free of. Or maybe you "just don't feel right" and would like to feel balanced, centred, grounded, relaxed and well - in body, mind and spirit.

Whatever ails you, whatever you want to achieve, BodyComm Kinesiology can help you identify, understand and address the underlying issues and help you find confidence, calm, clarity and a way to better navigate your path through the challenges of life, by gaining a greater awareness of yourself and how you respond to the world you live in.

If you'd like to create a happier, healthier, more balanced life for yourself, start here,
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A truly holistic, non-invasive, natural therapy that honours you as a unique individual.




A gentle, relaxing hands-on energy treatment that promotes natural self-healing.



oh cards

A beautiful series of metaphoric associative cards that stimulate intuition, imagination, communication and connection.




Whether you're buying for yourself, your family and friends or your work, this is where the goodies are.




BodyComm Kinesiology is Diane Low - a professional kinesiology practioner, reiki master teacher and Australian and New Zealand OH Cards distributor and subject-matter expert.




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